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About Deol

The founder is a seasoned, licensed Security professional, Certified Protection Officer (CPO), Certified International Trade Professional (CITP), MSc (Hons) Chemistry, PGD International Business Operations, and PGD Business Administration. With professional skills, decades of hands-on experience in providing Security to Canadian Corporate Giants, he brings with him extensive experience of managerial position at federal government public sector undertaking with multi-location offices and turnover of $ 1.0 Billion. A combination of his Para Military experience, professional skills, and experience in Security management, administration, and operations gives him the versatility to walk with equal ease on the shop floor and in the corporate executive offices.

Security and compliance – opportunity for startups


Author - Shrav Mehta Security and compliance - opportunity for startups: Startups are inherently risky. Product/market fit, staffing, supply chain management, finances and funding, and burnout — it’s no wonder 75% of VC-funded startups fail. Emerging security threats add another complex

Security and compliance – opportunity for startups2023-02-22T15:07:59-05:00

The rising cost of investigations and fraud risk


Author - Security Staff The rising cost of investigations and fraud risk: A new report shows how organizations deal with the rising costs associated with investigating allegations of serious misconduct. Kroll’s Global Fraud and Risk Report, based on a survey of

The rising cost of investigations and fraud risk2023-01-17T22:41:52-05:00
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