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About Deol

The founder is a seasoned, licensed Security professional, Certified Protection Officer (CPO), Certified International Trade Professional (CITP), MSc (Hons) Chemistry, PGD International Business Operations, and PGD Business Administration. With professional skills, decades of hands-on experience in providing Security to Canadian Corporate Giants, he brings with him extensive experience of managerial position at federal government public sector undertaking with multi-location offices and turnover of $ 1.0 Billion. A combination of his Para Military experience, professional skills, and experience in Security management, administration, and operations gives him the versatility to walk with equal ease on the shop floor and in the corporate executive offices.

Securing perimeter – manufacturing and distribution


Author - Adam Stone Securing perimeter - manufacturing, and distribution: With large campuses and high vehicle traffic, manufacturing and distribution facilities require a layered approach to securing the perimeter. At the Associated Grocers of New England, perimeter security is top

Securing perimeter – manufacturing and distribution2023-07-06T21:53:46-04:00

Onboarding next-generation PSIM platform


Author - Simon Morgan Onboarding a next-generation PSIM platform: It’s time for organizations to improve their security, from detection to response and forensic follow-up, using next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) systems. However, the system’s many capabilities may leave some security

Onboarding next-generation PSIM platform2023-06-19T14:30:24-04:00

Securing public gatherings strategies


Auhor - Madeline Lauver Securing public gatherings strategies: Public gatherings have become targets for security threats and acts of violence in recent years. In the United States, attacks on schools, religious institutions, and large events have spurred evaluations of organizational

Securing public gatherings strategies2023-05-16T23:21:59-04:00

Streamlining security operations centers


Author -  Simon Morgan Streamlining security operations centers (SOC): The transition from a security operations center to a threat collaboration environment. There is an onslaught of security data – generating information in different formats, storing it in different places, and

Streamlining security operations centers2023-09-01T14:19:35-04:00

Retail security and video content analytics


Author -  Lizzi Goldmeier Retail security and video content analytics: More people are venturing out and visiting stores amidst the easing of pandemic-era lockdowns, and not all are innocent consumers. Retailers can prepare for this influx by investing in video

Retail security and video content analytics2023-09-11T19:10:41-04:00
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