Whether you need reception security for your hotel, restaurant or corporate business, let us take care of your business’ security at the outset. At D&G Security we understand that it is not only security that matters but with it, our security staff are extremely patient, polite and positive to help make clients feel welcomed. Whatever sector your organisation is in, our highly-trained, PSISA approved security guards can provide a range of services, from access control and CCTV surveillance to concierge duties and mobile patrols, guaranteeing you the very best protection.

Training is given to all of our reception security guards on reception duties including the inspection of each business client who enters, so no one without permission has access. Inspection duties include maintaining logs, issuing badges and inspecting packages and bags to ensure nothing unwanted is brought into your business. They are also trained in monitoring full body scanners and in using hand held scanners. In the event of an evacuation, our reception security staff will help everyone exit the building safely and efficiently by mapping out an evacuation plan and conducting an assessment of the premises prior to return to the workplace.

We know how important your business’ reputation is, which is why at D&G Security our reception security team always strive to put their best face forward. All our reception security staff will always appear smartly dressed and can wear uniform that fits-in with your brand on request.