CONSTRUCTION SITES-STORAGE YARDSCONSTRUCTION SITES-STORAGE YARDS have theft and vandalism as the main crimes that frequently happen at these sites and yards. Building materials and equipment becoming increasingly popular targets for thieves.

To safeguard your CONSTRUCTION-STORAGE YARDS  sites, D&G Security will deploy only the most professional construction sites security guards with relevant, industry-specific experience, and skills including mobile patrols, access and gatehouse security, along with weighbridge trained operatives to aid with deliveries and waste management. Their specially designed high visibility uniform act as an effective deterrent for thieves. The guards also use modern tactical equipment to keep an eye on the valuable items at the site.

We take CONSTRUCTION SITES-STORAGE YARD  site security very seriously. Every site is unique and we treat them as such. We assess and identify all the requirements of the client to formalize all procedures to be followed, equipment required, emergency procedures, access control procedures, and any other relevant site information.

We ensure that all D&G Security Guards are trained on-site for the site-specific procedures, emergencies, and security requirements as per the details given  below

1. Areas that have to be patrolled and the required frequency of the patrols.
2. CCTV Camera monitoring.
3. Hazards around the site.
4. Areas of the site where materials and/or equipment that can be potential targets for theft are located. CONSTRUCTION-STORAGE YARDS
5. Guards are trained on the site access control protocols and procedures.
6. Guards are also trained on site-specific emergencies, health and safety protocols, and procedures.
7. They are also trained on Traffic control procedures, for the safety of people and assets.

In addition to security guard selection and training, D&G Security also places a big emphasis on management support and supervision. We conduct regular site Quality Checks to ensure that the employees are alert and performing their duties diligently. This is especially important during night shifts. Our Quality Checks, however, are not only to check on our employees but also to support and mentor them, and build relationships and trust.

D&G Security also supervises our guards,  through industry-leading patrol-tracking systems installed at no cost to the client. The client is always able to view and/or print detailed reports on the daily shift/incident reports.

Our dedicated team of uniquely trained guards will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your CONSTRUCTION SITES-STORAGE YARDS, assets, information, property and equipment are protected, ensuring minimum disruption yet optimum protection to your site.