Glass block windows are thicker than normal vinyl or aluminum windows. However, they allow in light while offering privacy and an additional layer of security for basement and ground floor windows. Hence, glass block is a clean, bright, and maintenance-free window design choice for your home, providing privacy and security while increasing the value of your property.

Windows at the ground level are usually hidden behind shrubs and bushes. This gives burglars the cover needed to break in through traditional basement windows while unsuspecting residents sleep in the bedrooms above. Therefore, glass block windows are a very practical solution to many safety and security issues in basements. With the combination of the strength of masonry with the properties of glass, they offer homeowners the added security for their peace of mind.

While glass block allows in the light, they keep almost everything else out. Residential grade glass blocks may not be impregnable, but they do not fracture and are far sturdier than the regular glass windows. Glass block windows besides offering thermal insulation values that are similar to double-pane windows, the cement mortar that holds them in place make them the most secure basement window. Further, glass block windows stop air infiltration more than traditional vinyl or aluminum window frames and with their use across a large area of exterior wall space they provide ample amount of cost-saving daylight illumination indoors. Last but not least, glass block windows do not warp or rot, and never need painting. Hence, they are almost maintenance free.