At the end of 2021, Security magazine spotlighted the security industry’s latest security solutions roundup below. Innovative products, services, and technologies not only help security leaders thrive in their roles but also keep people and assets safe to create more secure, efficient, and intelligent organizations.

It is time to consider how you can develop your security business’ resilience, not just for the next 6 months to a year, but for the long term. Now more than ever, security businesses need to consider the macro trends that are shaping the growth of the industry as a whole when they plan for the future.

We’ve had to rethink our relationship with technology, both at home and in the workplace. Many businesses have adapted to a more flexible way of working, which has resulted in an even greater reliance on technology than before. Yet firms also have to juggle a new way of working with growing concerns around supply chain delays and staff shortages. Will these operational challenges result in changes to physical security?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still the greatest force for change in the security industry. Topping our trends list for another year running, AI’s potential continues to grow as machine learning improves.

AI in the security market was valued at USD 5.08 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 14.18 billion by 2026. AI-powered technology has a range of use cases including proactive monitoring, video analytics, false alarm filtering, improving operator efficiency, detecting anomalies, and more.

The biggest shift we have seen in recent years is the point at which AI can really be useful. Rather than just being a forensic analysis tool that is used after an incident, AI’s capabilities and speed mean that it is fast becoming a preventative tool, enabling security professionals to stop crime from taking place.

As we move towards a model of preventative security, predictive data analytics is likely to gain even greater popularity. Advanced AI techniques like machine learning use predictive analytics to make statistical decisions about vast swathes of data – a method that is used in intelligent video analytics and other proactive monitoring solutions.

Security solutions roundup 2021
Security solutions roundup 2021