SHOPPING MALL-RETAILSHOPPING MALL-RETAIL security guard services providers, we understand the crucial role that keeping your stock, customers and employees safe has in sustaining a successful business

Mall Security should be high on the agenda for any retail business. From shoplifting and stock damage to anti-social behaviour and even organized crime, the threats facing retailers are significant. With unbeatable cross-sector knowledge and expertise, our highly-trained security staff can deal with a wide range of security incidents and threats, ensuring that your customers, staff, premises, merchandise and assets are properly protected. They also foot patrol the premises to check for fire, theft, and vandalism. To meet specific Client requirements, monitoring of alarms and CCTV are conducted by the guards. Our security guards will act as your eyes and ears on your shop floor, by providing a visual deterrent and giving your customers a safe feeling.

If shoplifting or any other suspicious activity does occur at Shopping Malls-Retail businesses, our guards will deal with the situation quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum disruption to your customers and your business. We are also able to offer dual role responsibilities such as fire safety and first aid, emergency planning and evacuation procedure, and keeping your environment safe and your stock secure. D&G Security guards can liaise with the police and are even trained to take statements, carry out interviews and investigate suspicious activities as detailed below:

Prevent Criminal Activity

One of the most important functions our mall security guards perform is the prevention of criminal activity. Criminals are less likely to commit offences when they see security officers, as they will fear repercussions. Security officers will be able to stop crimes such as shoplifting in the process, as they are trained to handle these situations. Mall security officers know how to look for suspicious activity and are highly trained to react appropriately.

Maintain Order

Our Mall security guards are often called in to mediate disagreements among patrons or between customers and mall employees. When necessary, these security officers will escort disruptive people out of the mall safely and efficiently. On busier days, especially during special events such as Black Friday, security guards are essential in crowd control. They are highly trained to maintain crowds in order to maintain everyone’s safety and ensure that there is no property damage.

Patrol the Property

D&G Security Guards will patrol the mall during business hours and when the mall is closed. They can take note of all security issues and respond appropriately. During the night, security officers will ensure that all entrances are locked and secure. Our guards are trained to cover as much ground as possible and properly patrol the property while staying alert and making notes of any issues.

Monitor Surveillance Equipment

Not every security guard is patrolling the mall. Security guards must also post in surveillance rooms and monitor surveillance equipment. Security guards are trained to watch for issues and potential security breaches. They will also make sure that all equipment is functioning properly and address any issues that might arise. Monitoring surveillance equipment is an essential aspect of maintaining the overall security of the mall.


D&G security guards are responsible for ensuring that all patrons and employees in the mall are safe. Their presence alone will provide everyone with a sense of safety. They can respond to any unsafe situations appropriately and patrol the property, keeping an eye out for any unsafe behaviour. During busy times, security guards can direct traffic and maintain a presence in the parking area in order to ensure that patrons are safe at every stage of their visit.

Write Accurate Reports

A crucial aspect of D&G security guards’ job that is often overlooked is report writing. Our guards document and report any irregularities or potential security breaches in order to prevent loss, damage, and safety concerns. If there is an issue or security breach, they write a detailed and accurate report to provide to the police and to ensure that the issue will not happen again.

Provide Customer Service

Although it might not be considered a primary function, D&G security guards provide customer service to all patrons. When a customer has a general question about the mall operations or needs directions, they are highly likely to approach a person in uniform. Our security guards are essential in providing information to patrons and ensuring that each customer has the best experience possible.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, D&G security guards are essential to ensure the issue is resolved. They control crowds and keep people calm. They are responsible for maintaining detailed knowledge of all emergency response procedures. Therefore, they can direct patrons to exits and give them directions on how to proceed. Our guards are able to respond appropriately to emergency situations and ensure that all patrons and personnel react appropriately as well.