Warehousing-ManufacturingAny Warehousing-Manufacturing unit with a high volume of visitors, workers, and vehicles movement or a remote, unsupervised warehouse housing valuable stock, our manned static security, and mobile patrol security can provide a highly effective asset, information, and personnel protection. Our security guards with hands-on skills of foot and mobile patrols, CCTV camera surveillance, controlling bonus new member access and gatehouse security, along with monitoring shipping and receiving, provide both security and safety measures to keep your entire premises free from criminal activity and emergencies, protecting all your valuable assets, with minimum business disruption 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Ensuring Warehousing-Manufacturing security means that we cover all the vulnerable areas of the facility. These include gates as well as warehouse-manufacturing doors. We ensure that your staff is trained to react quickly, in the event of theft, and that they’re able to protect themselves. Theft prevention includes more than securing entrances and exits for the Warehousing-Manufacturing sector. It also involves protecting your inventory—including moving goods, machinery, and equipment. It’s better to prevent theft and shrinkage than to deal with it; therefore, make sure that facilities have strong exterior gate management, a robust alarm system, appropriate landscaping, and reliable employee identification.

Whether your security requirements are long-term, short-term or temporary, you have one or multiple sites, we can tailor a solution for your industrial premises. To safeguard your site and staff and reduce the level of criminal activity, we will create a tailor-made solution, deploying only the most highly trained, experienced, licensed security guards.